Behind the lens

A fresh look... 

My approach to photography comes from an appreciation of ecology as much as from the need to create art. I was raised on the Northern Beaches of Cairns, surrounded by (and immersed in) mangroves, rainforest, and bushland. A naturalist grandfather & father, a skilled amateur photographer mother, tertiary studies in Environmental Science, and the willingness to befriend the inhabitants of the undergrowth all helped me in being able to bring you this view of our natural world.

From the ant's-eye view of the macro world, to the breath-taking panoramas which surround us (and everything in between) I hope I have been able to do this beautiful place justice. Please enjoy...

Cameron Errey - Errey Images

Great and Small - Images of our world... around us, and beneath our feet
By Cairns-based photographer, Cameron Errey